Guess the Sound Effect!

I now have a huge collection of sound effects available to me. It makes me wonder 1) why the people selling the CD thought we might need some of these -- like, in what play would you need the sound of an escalator? And what exactly does an escalator sound like (well, I'll be able … Continue reading Guess the Sound Effect!

The Spelling Rules

A recent discussion about creating a style guide... KP: So, will you also include basic spelling and grammatical conventions? AW: Like? KP: Oh, you know... serial commas... and/&... how to spell "theater." AW: It's -ER, right? KP: Yes! Thank you! AW: I never understood the -RE spelling. Theatre. Centre. Are they trying to be fancy? … Continue reading The Spelling Rules

Blessings at Orlando Fringe 2012

Getting to know yourself is a blessing.  The next offering from Rake Theater, in collaboration with The Movement Project; a spectacle of dance, movement, text, images, and martial arts. Sat. 5/19- 3:00pm Sun. 5/20- 1:15pm Sat. 5/26- 11:30am Sun. 5/27- 8:00pm

Reverse Ageism

I am apparently Palm Beach County's youngest usher. This isn't based on any scientific data, just on my own casual observation. That, and the fact that an artistic director recently approached me and said "You're too young for this job!" And I reply, "I most heartily am not!" Sure, there are demands on the free … Continue reading Reverse Ageism


I've been a civilian now for about 6 months. Meaning that I'm no longer directly involved in the day-to-day operations of a professional theater company in South Florida. The theater community here is not terribly dense, so very quickly you know everyone's name, what's playing where, and who's doing what. You're not just in the … Continue reading Decommissioned