Tropical Storm Confessions

I have never actually been in a hurricane.

Aly has been in several, as have Rob and Chris (our sound guy). For the creation of this play, I had to do a lot of research. I read articles, watched a video of Hurricane Charley, and sent around a survey for folks to fill out. I asked everyone I came across to tell me about their experiences.

It was extremely gratifying to hear people in the audience give a knowing chuckle or two as my character went about her preparations. One person came up to me on the Lawn o’ Fabulousness to tell me how glad he was that we acknowledged that wind was the primary focus of a hurricane — not thunder and lightning, which is often used for effect.

I believe this summer’s hurricane predictions come out today or tomorrow. Some forecasters are concerned about the low-pressure system that’s already birthed itself near the Carolinas, a week before hurricane season actually kicks off. Other people are worried about how the oil spill will play in to all of this. If the oil gets into the Loop Current (which it seems like it’s poised to do), we could end up with oil all along the entire Florida coastline, exacerbated by storm winds and coastal flooding. A woman on the radio this morning is doing what she can to control any potential hysteria: “The oil isn’t going to KILL you. But a hurricane is going to be a little more serious. That’s what we need to pay attention to right now.” Straight to the point.

I’m going to feel kind of bad if we have a rough season in Florida this year. Of course, if we do get a hurricane, I’ll also get lots of first-hand knowledge to use for my script revisions.

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