Latest News from the Tropics (Home sweet home edition)

Whew. I think now we need t-shirts that say “I survived Tropical Depression” or something. Fringe was very fun this year, especially because I got to be involved much more than last time. I was able to see many more shows (which I will comment on in a future post) and meet nice people.

I have lots of other thoughts to share here: notes and comments from my own production, next steps in the play’s evolution (rewriting can be fun!), and plans for other Fringes and additional productions.

Mostly, I have enjoyed being home and sleeping for 12 hours a night. The unpacking has been brutal, and I fear that it may take weeks to put all my stuff back the way I found it.

The one bit of feedback I got most often (from people who read the play in early stages and also from the OS reviewer) is that the stakes aren’t high enough. I haven’t actually been in a hurricane, nor had to prep for one, so all of my research came from other people. Because I am generally an anxious, worst-case-scenario soul, I was surprised at how laconic many of my interview subjects were about the situation. Much like Doris, the “lady in the check-out line at Publix,” they all said “Eh, it’s just a little weather.” Really?

So I am going to use this year’s hurricane season — conveniently starting right now — to do my own first-hand research and post my thoughts here. It’s all research and development!

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