It’s All About the Benjamins…

Picture it: Friend A is starring in a local-but-professional theater production. Friend B wants to go see Friend A’s show, but just can’t bring herself to pay the $40+ ticket price (and that’s for one ticket). So Friend B is considering an alternate plan: PRETEND she saw the show, telling Friend A how wonderful she was. Friend B comes to me to ask how she can fake it.

“Is there something I can say other than ‘Oh, you were great!’?” Friend B asks.

I advise her to read some of the reviews, and check the theater’s website. Search for any press photos or B-roll, and make sure you understand what the show is about.

“What if the night I pretend to go is actually a night when Friend A is out sick? And then I tell her how wonderful she was, not knowing an understudy went on?” Friend B is a bit on the worried side.

“Well,” I respond. “I could call the stage manager — he’s a friend of mine — and make sure Friend A went on. Maybe I can get a copy of the performance report.”

Are we insane? Going to all of this trouble, creating this elaborate ruse just so Friend B doesn’t have to blow her budget?

Why are ticket prices in South Florida so high?

NOTE: I am going to see Friend A’s show also — and, like Friend B — I don’t really feel comfortable about paying the $40+. However, in exchange for my free ticket, I must chaperone 30 high school freshman. So the “free” is never really free.