Full-Length Plays

Welcome to Leisureville

In Leisureville you can get lost or you can ask for direction. Julie’s mother Irene has just died. Now, Julie and her daughter Lexi have come to Florida to clean out her mother’s house. Lexi is more interested in flirting with the gardener. The trip is just one more item of the list of everything Julie feels like she has to be responsible for, and one final way for Julie to feel put upon by her mother. Along the way, a couple of local residents (and one handsome squatter) offer answers and raise questions, leaving Julie unsure if she’ll ever get the chance to let go.

July 21, 2018
Directed by Kavin T. Grant
CAST: JULIE—Saffron Henke
LEXI—Anna Rachel Holland
TRAVIS—Jeremy Ratliff
TARA—Bonny Branch
RUBEN—Roberto Mendez


Everybody needs something to believe in.

Shireen learns that Dr. Duffy, her mentor, won’t sign off her dissertation because her research might expose Duffy’s work as insufficient. Without Dr. Duffy’s signature, her life and career are basically being held hostage. So Shireen decides that she should take some hostages of her own.

July 22, 2017
Directed by Wendy-Marie Martin
CAST: Shireen–Marion Grey
Dr. Duffy–Claire Callaghan
Skylar–Gwyneth Strope