The Spelling Rules

A recent discussion about creating a style guide…

KP: So, will you also include basic spelling and grammatical conventions?

AW: Like?

KP: Oh, you know… serial commas… and/&… how to spell “theater.”

AW: It’s -ER, right?

KP: Yes! Thank you!

AW: I never understood the -RE spelling. Theatre. Centre. Are they trying to be fancy?

KP: I wish they would stop. Then regular people would realize the theater is something for them, not just for fancy people.

AW: Yeah, this is America — speak American!

KP: Yay for -ER theater!

I don’t think it will really change anything, my going on a crusade to change perceptions of the performing arts by ensuring an Americanized, common spelling of the word “theater.” Of course, I now also see commercials selling “healthy” corn sugar and making girdles sexier by re-branding them as Spanx. I suppose it couldn’t hurt to try.