Reading List

At the beginning of the pandemic quarantine/online teaching (for us, it was March 16), I decided that I was going to use this extra time not spent commenting or monitoring study halls to read and/or watch plays. Eventually, this got tiresome (not the reading, just the not being able to leave the house) and I … Continue reading Reading List

Fluency at NY Fringe 2008

Jack’s an actor; Olivia’s a playwright. They’re better at kissing than communicating! Can they learn the language of love? Watch as they perform classic scenes: “first date,” “awkward breakup” and “happy ending.” A meta-theatrical romantic comedy from South Florida. Kimberly Patterson presented Fluency at the 2008 New York International Fringe Festival and the 2008 Orlando International … Continue reading Fluency at NY Fringe 2008

Tropical Depression at Orlando Fringe 2010

Jenny DeJarnette is depressed. She’s just been dumped by her boyfriend, is panicked about money, and is still struggling with the recent death of her father. She figures that spending the summer in Florida, house-sitting for her grandparents, will be a tranquil vacation — an opportunity for her to regroup and take control of her … Continue reading Tropical Depression at Orlando Fringe 2010

Rake Theater Import

The website for Rake Theater has been discontinued (not for lack of love, but for a gentle reorganizing... I have digital sprawl). Some of the content can be found now here. What was Rake Theater? Rake was founded as a producing organization in New York City in February 2006. In the inaugural season, the group produced a show … Continue reading Rake Theater Import