One-Act Plays


A study of spiders in written language: Arachne to Spider-Gwen. 90,000 species. Thirteen scenes. With a cast with all female performers, Arachnothology tracks the evolution of spiders through mythology, folklore, nursery rhymes, popular culture, and science to weave a tapestry about identity and choice–and whether or not it’s possible to start over.

January 24, 26, 31;
February 2, 2020

Directed by Lauren Brooke Ellis
CAST: Bonny Branch
Tatiana Durant
Amanda Mansfield
April Marcell
Emma Sala

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Gulf Triangle

Nora, her husband Alex, and their best friend Jeremy have chartered a sailboat and set off for the Gulf of Mexico. Their vacation is ruined by Alex’s unplanned admission of infidelity; Nora’s solution is to have an affair of her own. Set entirely on their boat in the middle of the ocean, this drama explores issues of fidelity, love, friendship, and partnership.

July 24, 2016
Directed by David Beach
CAST: Nora-Marion Grey
Alex-Nick McCord
Jeremy-Taylor Cobb