Kimberly Patterson is a playwright and occasional director, producer, and stagehand. She began her theatrical career in high school by writing for her fellow students. Her drama class produced her plays at the Bucks County Playhouse Secondary School Drama Festival, and, in 1993, she won an award for “Best Original Script” (which she framed). She then headed to NYU, majored in Dramatic Literature, and began working in Off-Broadway theaters. Memorable experiences include delivering a package to Wendy Wasserstein, making coffee for Wallace Shawn, and running sound for the Verizon “Can you hear me now?” guy.

When not performing odd jobs for theater luminaries, she was finishing her Masters degree at NYU’s Gallatin School. Her program in Individualized Study focused on performance studies, dramatic writing, and technical theater, and her coursework involved photography, puppetry, and “ritual-as-performance.” Her thesis addressed questions of text, context and form in adaptations, and was accompanied by The Goat Song, a one-act play loosely adapted from Eurpides’ Medea.

In addition to writing plays, Kimberly also writes theater reviews (previously for OffOffOnline and CurtainUp Chicago), the occasional blog post, and lesson plans for her day job as a high school theater teacher. She resides in South Florida (after surviving a winter in Chicago), where she enjoys bike riding, kayaking, and playing Taiko drums as a performing member of Fushu Daiko.

Things I Like

Arts advocacy, dramatic literature, comedy, tragedy, farce, puppets, masks, critical theory, performance studies, Ancient Greece, Shakespeare, music, rhythm, movement, performance, spectacle, creativity, organization, kindness, coffee, bacon, NPR.

Favorite Place to Travel: Anywhere that’s not cold

What’s the best part about teaching theater? Watching students discover that they can bring characters to life

Something most people don’t know about me: I like collecting coins from around the world, and I’m scared of zombies.