Latest News from the Tropics (Home sweet home edition)

Whew. I think now we need t-shirts that say "I survived Tropical Depression" or something. Fringe was very fun this year, especially because I got to be involved much more than last time. I was able to see many more shows (which I will comment on in a future post) and meet nice people. I … Continue reading Latest News from the Tropics (Home sweet home edition)

Tropical Storm Confessions

I have never actually been in a hurricane. Aly has been in several, as have Rob and Chris (our sound guy). For the creation of this play, I had to do a lot of research. I read articles, watched a video of Hurricane Charley, and sent around a survey for folks to fill out. I … Continue reading Tropical Storm Confessions

Say Cheese

So pimiento cheese -- a key element in the play -- is definitely a conversation starter. When I mentioned that I made a batch, reactions were varied: "That's something you can make?" or "What in the world goes in there?" Recipes can and do vary. Mine was simple: cheddar cheese, monterey jack, mayo, dill pickles, … Continue reading Say Cheese