Latest News from the Tropics

What’s new in the tropics? Rehearsals are well underway, and the output is fantastic. We’ve received a few generous donations, and tickets are now on sale.

Tomorrow, we’ll be performing at the Orlando Fringe/Orlando Museum of Art First Thursday cross-promotion. It’s a wonderful way to get a little exposure — which is fantastic, since I’m not local — and to give our star a little time in front of an audience. If you’re reading this, and you’ll be there tomorrow, stop by and say hi!

Went to Bass Pro Shop yesterday in search of waders. Guess what? Waders are REALLY expensive. Like, “more than the entire budget for props” expensive. I think we’re going to improvise. I love going to Bass Pro Shop, so it wasn’t a wasted trip.

In other news, press releases have gone out. You know what’s scarier than putting on one of your plays? Telling people about it. And not just telling the people who have seen you naked, or your parents (when the play contains swearing and drunken sex — but this is not that play! All audiences welcome!), but telling people who get paid to judge you. Sky diving seems blase in comparison.

Finally, been experimenting with the construction of some of our giveaways/prizes, for people who come to the Sunday, 11:45pm performance. I’m not ready to tell you what they are just yet, but they’re made of Sculpy. Watch this space for an amusing story involving Sculpy and national security. Until then, know that baking Sculpy makes your kitchen smell like a melting car engine.

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