Harold and Fringezilla are making their schedule, trying to figure out what Fringe shows they want to see this year. Tropical Depression is at the top of their list. They know that tickets go on sale May 1, so they want to be prepared.

Go to the Orlando Fringe website to buy tickets: You can either search for a show, or go directly to your favorite show’s page, like this.

Choose the date and buy your tickets! If you come to the Sunday, 11:45pm performance of Tropical Depression, you’ll win prizes and enjoy extra-special surprises!

One note about Fringe ticketing. Not only do you need to have a ticket, but you also need to have a Fringe badge, like the one Harold is wearing. He’s got his already, because he doesn’t want to wait in any lines. You must buy these in person at the festival. The badge costs $8, but you only need to buy one once. So if you amortize the cost of the badge over the entire two weeks and you see a whole bunch of shows, that’s like getting it for free!

The total cost for your night of entertainment is the $8 badge + the show ticket. Each show sets its own ticket price; the price for Tropical Depression is $8. Thus, your total is $16. It would cost you the same to see a new 3-D Imax movie, and we promise not to give you motion sickness.

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