Tropical Depression Gets a Mascot

Remember how we tried to lure audience members to our 11:45pm Sunday night show with the promise of pimiento cheese, shark teeth, and manatee-saving? Well, the pimiento cheese didn't work out (but that's a whole other post), the shark teeth were surprisingly popular, and the manatee-saving is about to begin! We just got our disbursement … Continue reading Tropical Depression Gets a Mascot

Latest News from the Tropics (Home sweet home edition)

Whew. I think now we need t-shirts that say "I survived Tropical Depression" or something. Fringe was very fun this year, especially because I got to be involved much more than last time. I was able to see many more shows (which I will comment on in a future post) and meet nice people. I … Continue reading Latest News from the Tropics (Home sweet home edition)