Fringe Preview Review

I went to Fringe Preview last night. It was fun! Not sure why I wasn’t able to go in 2008, but this ended up being my first one.

Not surprisingly, parking = difficult.

It was nice to see so many different groups there — especially in costume! It gave me a good sense of what the other shows might be like, and I talked to another group that will be performing in Blue Venue (Full of Grace). Handed out a bunch of postcards. Appreciated the irony that the show’s playwright — a person who is happiest sitting alone somewhere with coffee and a laptop — was out schmoozing the crowd.

Very excited about some of the shows I saw in Act I. Not that I’m not excited about some of the shows in Act II — just that with the first half of the night coming in at about 2 hours… well, I had to go home. It is a three hour drive back to Boynton, after all.

Also took notes on shows I know that members of my entourage (ha! I love saying that) will enjoy. Perhaps this year, I’ll get to see VarieTEASE before it’s sold out.

Finally, that Pepe? Funny guy. :o)

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