Tech form completed!

We got our tech forms the other day. I had freaked out at the end of December, because initially they were supposed to be due on 1/1. And it’s December 27th and I hadn’t yet received mine. I’ve had some bad luck with my email address at Yahoo Mail — I have the ymail extension — and people often misread it as gmail. So of course, I’m panicking that I’d been missing out on tons of communication, and that I’ll removed from the festival for my lack of response, etc, etc. You know, typical hysterics.

Uh, no, turns out that tech forms wouldn’t be due until 2/1 (or possibly 3/1) — really not sure. The form itself says March, the email that included the form said February. So, given my generally hysterical nature, I’m just doing it now.

The information on there is estimated anyway. Though actually, it gives me a nice framework. I’ve said that I would have no more than 30 lighting cues. So, when it comes time to write my cues, that’s all I’ll need!

Now, just need to find myself a projector…

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