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Produced by Rake Theater

Author: Kimberly Patterson

Fluency is about the relationship of Jack and Olivia, two opposites who fumble through the performance of falling in love. Olivia is a playwright and Jack is an actor; some scenes take place in a real theater, while others exist only on the stage in their heads. It’s a non-linear presentation of their romantic ups and downs, as they try to figure out a successful way of communicating with each other.

Everyone struggles — at some point in his or her life — with the joys and challenges of dating. Modern technology only complicates things further: Romeo and Juliet never had to worry about cellphones, text messages, or video games.  Fluency is a romantic comedy! While it plays with an experimental structure and flirts with postmodern themes, the characters’ journey is one anyone can identify with, and the show strives for a happy ending.

It’s a light, short, sweet play that is fun to work with. We presented it earlier this year in Florida, and, as the playwright, I’m extremely excited to see it change shape at FringeNYC with a new cast and a new director’s vision. There’s definitely an academic undercurrent to be had (for those who are interested), but our goal is to entertain audiences and offer a humorous look at love and communication.

— Kimberly Patterson, playwright