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Rake Theater Presents



The New York International Fringe Festival – Fringe NYC

A production of The Present Company

August 8th-24th

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Boynton Beach, FL July 1, 2008 – Rake Theater is proud to present Fluency as part of the 11th annual New York International Fringe Festival – FringeNYC. Fluency was recently presented at the 2008 Orlando Fringe Festival. This production marks its New York premiere and will feature a New York cast.


Fluency is a meta-theatrical romantic comedy that examines the performance of communication. Jack’s an actor; Olivia’s a playwright. They seem to be better at kissing than communicating. Can they learn the language of love? Together, they explore the pitfalls of the first date and the first phone conversation, and show how 21st century technology becomes a handy tool. They go through the awkward break-up and hope for a happy ending, never forgetting that they’re performing it all for an audience.


Fluency was written by Kimberly Patterson (Oedipus for Kids!), and will be directed by FringeNYC veteran Jill Jichetti (2002’s Reference Material [3am Pie] and 2007’s The Boy on the Other Side of the World). Ms. Jichetti is a 2008 recipient of an Excellence Award in Literary Arts from the Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island (COAHSI). Fluency features Jill Jichetti and Martin Soole (Milk Can Theatre’s Galileo).  


Rake Theater was founded in New York City in February 2006. In our inaugural season, we presented the sell-out hit Oedipus for Kids! at the New York Musical Theater Festival. Our home base is now in South Florida, but our members continue to work and thrive all over the country. For more information, visit