FringeNYC Cast Bios

Kimberly Patterson (playwright): is the Artistic Director of Rake Theater, now based in Boynton Beach, Florida. She spent the last 10 years in New York, working in Off- and Off-Off Broadway theater in almost every capacity possible (with the notable exception of acting). Her plays have appeared in the Midtown International Theater Festival: The Goat Song … Continue reading FringeNYC Cast Bios

On the Fringe

Being on the fringe means being on the edge.  One definition we found even goes so far as to identify the fringe as a social group holding marginal or extreme views.  Well, we're not going to go all compound-in-Minnesota-drinking-the-Kool-aid on you.  We're artists.  We're talking about fringe festivals.  You know…theater.   Let's wiki-wiki-wiki it.  (Go … Continue reading On the Fringe