Absence: Final Show

This was our matinee. Also our last show. I think everyone was a little tired. While it’s useful to do the shows (especially if there are only 3) back-to-back, it can be draining. The group was more mellow but in good spirits on our final day.

This show was our smallest house, though after the overflow from the night before, it seemed much tamer. We were able to restore the seating to its more manageable arrangement.

There was one minor snag: Liza’s crutches were left onstage before the performance, and not claimed at the top of the show. And how is an amputeed woman supposed to get on stage without her crutches? Fortunately, Michael just casually went and got them. Crisis averted (and I don’t think anyone noticed).

In general, this was an incredibly satisfying experience. My team of actors — Sarah Doudna, Jennifer Saltzstein, and Michael Weems — did an amazing job. I saw so much growth from them and was so honored what they did with my humble script. Chrissie Reiswig was my insanely gifted costume/prop coordinator. Sound designer Benjamin Le Clear was a rock. Jennifer Huang truly brought the peacock puppet to life. I’m so proud of all of them… their dedication and hard work was an inspiration.

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