After a long absence…

Well, no more milking those Absence puns. It’s been almost two months since my last post. That’s because, let’s see, there was the MITF show. Then there were script re-writes for Oe4K, and then all the myriad producing responsibilities. I’m a tired puppy.

Ideally, what I’d like to do, is to add updates of things that happened over the last month. I want to talk more about Absence, about rehearsals, and the production. I’d love to devote several posts to the peacock puppet. This way, there will exist a historical record of all of our projects.

And then Oe4K… we’ve actually started a separate blog for the show (it’s taken on quite a robust life of its own), found here: I’ll probably not spend too much time discussing that, because there are so many voices that want to be heard. Or perhaps I’ll focus mostly on the producing/business side of it. I must say, I’ve certainly learned a lot this summer.

Rake is planning several events this fall (obviously the best season to have a rake!). We’re planning a Halloween event and will feature ourselves in the Village Halloween Parade. In early November, we’re going to have a public reading or two. Finally, in December, we’re hoping to plan a festive holiday production. There will be puppets.

So check back soon for “retro” posts, and for more updates as eventually my world gains equilibrium.

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