Absence: Performance #2

I knew we’d have a solid house for this performance. I did not anticipate the turnout we got. The festival sells 40 seats for our “theater” (again, it’s really just a big room… hence the name “Studio Series”). Because I’m concerned about sightlines, I don’t like to set up all 40 seats. You can’t see past the person in front of you, and if they have a really big head or you’re short, you’re screwed. Plus, it gets so warm: there’s an A/C, but it has to crank overtime to keep things cool with the stage lights on. Thus, while I’m always excited to sell more tickets, I was really hoping to get away with about 25 seats.

We had 45 people.

There literally weren’t enough chairs. Several people had to sit on the floor. Two people stood in the back by the tech table (I did not make those people pay for their tickets). The audience was practically sitting in the playing area.

It was intense.

But the actors made the best and the most of it. The audience response was enthusiastic, despite any discomfort. And afterwards, there was much celebrating.

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