One! Singular sensation, every little step she takes!

Tropical Depression is a solo show. An extended monologue for one character. However, it is for a character played by an actress -- an actress who is not the playwright (aka "me"). Many solo performances are autobiographical, or are performed by the writer. I tend to think of those as actor-led shows, the work of … Continue reading One! Singular sensation, every little step she takes!

“Sometimes, You Have to Kill Your Babies”

Quote attribution varies. It was something I heard from a screenwriting instructor, that she'd heard from someone else, etc. We're not discussing anything contentious or abhorrent here; this is about writing. Editing is hard work. Words can sparkle on the page, but somehow, when they come out of the mouth of a human being, they … Continue reading “Sometimes, You Have to Kill Your Babies”

We’re fully cast!

Introducing the lovely and talented Alyson Innes as Jenny! Very exciting. And because she really is lovely, we'll be putting lots of her photos up soon. I might even put up a photo of myself too... ooooohhhh, wow.

Orlando Fringe Page updated!

Been trying to update this site, plus keep the page on the Orlando Fringe website up-to-date too. I did all of the required updates, but now I'm adding some sparkle and shine to it. Go check it out now: Tropical Depression @

Other Fringes: Update

Doesn't look like we made the Chicago Fringe lottery. That's too bad; would have been fun to take this show back to my old stomping ground. There's always next year! Plus, lots of other Fringes too... hoping to give cities all over the US a taste of the tropics!