Latest News from the Tropics

Been crazy busy here. Got my ticket for Fringe Preview next week. Ordered postcards, and they should arrive well before Monday. I left a nice big space in the center where I can include the name of my STILL-TO-BE-DETERMINED actress. I’m not worried. The universe is full of miracles, and I know it’s going to be taken care of. Ok, I’m a small bit worried, but I still have on my positive outlook.

The script itself is in good shape. I’m pleased with it. Also very curious to see how it develops once it morphs from its two-dimensions on the page into three on the stage. Hey, everyone else is doing 3D, why not me?

I’ve located a source for my cat carrier. I’ve been putting aside props here and there, and need to create my complete list. Been going over specific recordings with my super-awesome sound guy, and am about to start buttering up my lighting designer (who doesn’t actually know he’s my lighting designer yet).

Slowly but surely, it’s all coming together!

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