Latest News from the Tropics

We’re moving ahead at full speed. Rehearsals are taking place both in person, with Alyson and Rob, and via Skype, for me to join in. The video chat is occasionally disconcerting, as the webcam decides — of its own volition — to suddenly ZOOM way in, highlighting my forehead creases.

Most of the marketing materials are finished, with the exception of the posters, which will be last. Can’t wait for the t-shirts to arrive! We’ve got almost all of the props, though I think I want new tables instead of the ones we’d planned to use. Also looking for some really, really large men’s waders.

Last week was also “pimiento cheese experimentation” week. I went to Publix and looked at the ingredients on the tub of store-bought pimiento cheese. More ingredients than I thought possible. Plus, sugar. Why? I couldn’t even bring myself to buy it for the taste test. So just bought my 5 ingredients: cheddar cheese, monterey jack cheese, pimientos, mayonnaise, and dill pickles. Carried it home, and whipped it up. Really, really delicious! Of course, this means that I’m going to have to keep making it, because there’s no way I can make Aly eat that store-bought stuff now.

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