Oedipus For Kids: How it Began…

I’ve received requests to post this in text form, so here it goes:

Back in early January Kim asks, “Do you want to write a children’s musical for the Fringe this year?”

I respond: “The Fringe? The deadline’s in, what, a month?”

“That’s okay, it’s a Children’s Musical. It doesn’t need to have quality or anything.”

Since we both have a love for Grecco-Roman culture, decided to do an adaptation of a Greek Myth. We parted ways and each came up with possible ideas.

But what to adapt? Hercules would come off as strange, and it’s been done. Medusa teaches a strange lesson. Most stories about the Greek Gods were too short, or too harsh. The Aeneid, Odyssey and everything Trojan was just too bloody.

Finally, I came back to Kim and responded, “We should adapt Oedipus.”


“We should adapt Oedipus as our children’s musical.”

“But… you can’t do Oedipus for Kids!”

And so it was born.

One thought on “Oedipus For Kids: How it Began…

  1. And did you? Huge success?For another time – go for Sisyphus! You can adapt Sisyphus for ANYone! 🙂


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