In the right direction…

Tonight we met with our director for Oedipus for Kids! It was a long meeting and even involved the three of us reading the script together (which I always feel weird about doing, since I’m not at all an actor). But we were able to address a lot of the “open questions” that still remained in some earlier versions of the script.

We’re planning on doing a fair amount of re-writing to the Oe4K script to get it polished up for the festival. Which is reasonable, since it only took us about 4 weeks to write the whole thing. In fact, this is probably Gil’s favorite story to tell (the story of how we came to write this thing in the first place).

Along with the revisions, we’re also looking at a summer filled with press reps, general managers, contract signings, advertising, and musical directors.

That also means a summer filled with fundraising. Oy.

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