Time Management

Ok, so scheduling = not fun. You know how hard it is to find time to do all of the things you need to do in your own life? Try adding two more people to your calendar, plus a currently-non-existent 3rd person who may or may not have a lot of free time. Well, since I’ve already started making the rehearsal schedule, the actor’s ability to commit to most of the dates on there is going to be a key factor in casting him.

I’m grateful that I don’t have to worry about scheduling on an Equity Showcase contract. There are all sorts of rules about how many rehearsals there can be, for how long, etc. These are all very important rules, but just won’t apply in this case. Everyone involved in this production works… several people work full-time. So we’d never come close to running the type of rehearsals that would overtax our actors.

Thank god for a short running time too.

Of course, this also means that the man actor I find should not be Equity. Hmm… now seeking non-union man in mid-thirties with no social life. Great.

Actually, I do have one serious comment about the whole Equity/non-Equity casting thing. I often joke about how I hate using Equity actors because I don’t want to pay for insurance (note to those involved in current production: yes, I will be getting us insurance. Don’t worry). But it’s also really nice to give opportunities to people who are actors in addition to a day job, or who are still building up enough stage credits. It doesn’t mean they’re not talented, and in fact, I’ve seen some pretty crappy actors who still manage to get the * next to their name in programs. Just that we all have to start somewhere… and that we do it because it’s fun and it makes us happy.

Except when deeply immersed in the muck and mire of scheduling.

4 thoughts on “Time Management

  1. I thought you said you had someone and I didn’t need to tell guys from my acting classes? Do you want me to put the word out to people to contact you if they are interested?


  2. Yes, Sarah, please! I thought I had someone, but just found out today that he was unavailable.And thanks, Amanda, for your suggestion. Craig’s List sometimes freaks me out (I imagine it as a breeding ground for scary internet predators), but it might come to that.


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