An Absence Absence

Finally have the dates for the production at the Midtown International Theater Festival (I’m on the “choose your own adventure” plan), but ended up losing my male actor. Better to find out about it sooner rather than later (and he was a total gentleman about it), but it was not exactly the news I was hoping for. Rehearsals start Thursday night, and I’m missing 1/3 of the production. 1/4 if you count the peacock.

Since I’m still making last minute rewrites to the script, I actually contemplated just writing the character of John out completely. Change from a drama about grown-up relationships to a total family piece. Then realized that the idea was insane. I guess I mentioned that rehearsals start Thursday night?

I think I have a few good leads on a replacement. Wait, it’s not a replacement if the person never actually started, is it?

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