Performance schedule received!

Woo! Finally got some dates! Here they are: 5/21 FRI 7:25PM 5/22 SAT 10:00PM 5/23 SUN 11:45PM 5/25 TUE 7:40PM 5/28 FRI 6:55PM See that Sunday night 11:45pm show? Anyone who comes to that is seriously awesome. I'm considering having free giveaways, and providing lots of Diet Pepsi and pimiento cheese sandwiches to keep everyone … Continue reading Performance schedule received!

Program Ad submitted!

Got the program ad finished. I like it. Not sure if we'll design the programs around the exact same look, but it would be nice to have a consistent feel to theme. Sigh, branding. Of course, the most important thing that's been going on is that script edits have been received from the esteemed and … Continue reading Program Ad submitted!