Orlando Fringe 2012: What I’ve Seen So Far (part I)

Love me some Fringe. Saw four plays in two days, not including the ones I was in. We came up last year, and it was the first time I was here without having a show in the festival. I can't decide which is more enjoyable: there's something fun about just being at Loch Haven Park … Continue reading Orlando Fringe 2012: What I’ve Seen So Far (part I)

Blessings: About the Show

Blessings is a study of personal growth through physical growth. How do we determine what strength is? What does it mean for women to be strong, powerful or fierce? Does it involve big muscles, business suits, high heels, lipstick? Why is it that "girl power" has to be a catchphrase, and that it's got to … Continue reading Blessings: About the Show

Blessings at Orlando Fringe 2012

Getting to know yourself is a blessing.  The next offering from Rake Theater, in collaboration with The Movement Project; a spectacle of dance, movement, text, images, and martial arts. Sat. 5/19- 3:00pm Sun. 5/20- 1:15pm Sat. 5/26- 11:30am Sun. 5/27- 8:00pm